Boat and Tractor Repair in Bear Lake, UT

Your car isn’t the only vehicle that’s prone to mechanical issues from time to time; chances are that you have another engine on (or off) wheels that’s going to be in need of a tune-up sooner or later. At Dee’s Super Service, our labor extends beyond automotive troubles to include both tractor repair and boat repair as well! Whether you’re going by land or sea, Dennis and Kiley’s team of mechanics has every mode of transit around Bear Lake covered.

boat repairStaying on top of your land

Not every garage has the experience or know-how needed to keep farm equipment up and running efficiently: with particular parts and systems that differ from your road-bound vehicle in some pretty significant ways, you’ll need to find a place more specialized than your typical AutoZone to get the wheels turning smoothly again. At Dee’s Super Service, we understand the needs of local farms and the importance of reliable tools. While tractor repair remains our forte, we’re well-versed in a variety of other machinery as well. No matter how unique or unusual your concern may be, don’t hesitate to give us a call; chances are, we have the solution you need!

Keeping the good times afloat

And even if your issue stems from somewhere offshore, we’re still the mechanics to call. Our team can work with craft big and small, so bring your ship in for reliable boat repair that will get you back on the water in no time flat. We do inspections and service for parts bow to stern, including inboard and outboard motors alike.

Reliable service for all walks of life

Whether you’re working the land for a living, looking for a good fishing spot, or simply making the daily commute to and from work, Dee’s Super Service has all of your bases covered. Bear Lake residents can give us a call at 435-946-3372 to schedule a repair for whatever troublesome vehicle they have, but walk-ins are always welcome, too!