Gas Station in Bear Lake, UT

gas stationPerhaps you don’t need to spend more than a few minutes with us: the car is working just fine, your tractor is in great shape, and you’re much too good of a driver to need a tow anywhere, thank you very much. Even when you’re in a hurry to get back onto the road, however, Dee’s Super Service is always ready to prove that it’s name is no fluke. For the travelers simply passing through Bear Lake to parts unknown, our garage also doubles as a gas station and convenience store!

An empty tank is never good…

Needle getting a bit too close to “E,” or just in need of a top-off to get you through the next stretch of highway? We are a proud supplier of Sinclair gasoline, with four pumps available. And if you happen to be hitting the pavement with a diesel engine, two of our pumps are equipped to service you, as well!

…and fueling up couldn’t be easier!

gas pumpsOf course, trying to run on an empty stomach can be no less of a speed bump to your day, whether you’re traveling or simply spending the night at home. Dee’s Super Service is all about automobiles, but we’re no slouch when it comes to food, either.

What’s the best part of a road trip, aside from it being over? The snacks, of course: hours in the car are the ideal time to justify junk food. We have everything you’ll want to satisfy the munchies, of course, but our shelves are much more substantially stocked than your typical pitstop. Need to pick up a few ingredients for dinner on the way home from work? We’re a grocer, too; deli included! Whatever you need for a pickup, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find it here!

One-stop convenience in Bear Lake, UT

Stop by or give us a call at 435-946-3372 to check out our inventory. We look forward to serving you!

Car wash ice cream shop

Come try our famous “Chocolate Chunk Ripe Raspberry” & “Chocolate Sea Salt malt

We also carry:

We also have Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches. Choose your own!