Gas, Groceries & Auto Repair in Bear Lake, UT

ownersDee’s Super Service is more than just another place to get gas or have your vehicle fixed—we aim to provide an encompassing one-stop-shop for whatever needs you may have on the road! Our auto body shop, gas station and convenience store come together to provide every person who drives into our lot a place where they can get the service they’re looking for.

Take a look at some of the products and services we’re happy to provide for you.

Mechanic services

auto repair

  • Auto body repair:
    If you’re looking for a mechanic in Bear Lake, UT that can do it all, pull on into the garage at Dee’s Super Service! We have a depth of experience when it comes to fixing automotive woes and can assist you no matter what troubles your vehicle seems to be having. Dennis, son of Dee and Janet, has a degree in Diesel Mechanics from UVSC and Kiley, the eldest of two kids, works alongside his dad with a degree in Auto Mechanics from BATC! With knowledge and experience like that on your side, you can have complete trust in us to resolve any automotive issue that’s keeping you down.
  • Boat repair:
    Our mechanical abilities don’t just stop at cars and trucks—we’re also highly adept at servicing the needs of boats big and small. Bring your boat into our shop to have it inspected and serviced from top to bottom, including both inboard and outboard motors and any other mechanical parts that might need the expert eye of a quality mechanic. We’re a trusted source for boat repair in Bear Lake, UT!
  • Tractor repair:
    Not every mechanic has the skills and expertise to apply their knowledge to farm equipment. Luckily, at Dee’s Super Service, we understand the needs of local farmers and are completely qualified to work on the farm equipment that you rely on daily. We specialize in tractor repair, however we’re also well-versed in all types of equipment repair, so don’t be afraid to inquire about your unique concerns.
  • Auto towing:
    Got a flat on the side of the road? Dealing with a dead battery after accidently leaving your lights on? Give Dee’s Super service a call and we’ll be out to take care of your auto-towing situation quickly. We’ll haul your vehicle back to our shop for auto repair in Bear Lake, UT and will have you back on the road soon.

Gas station services

  • Sinclair gasoline:
    We’re proud to be a dealer of Sinclair gasoline and operate four pumps to accommodate travelers that are passing through the area.
  • Diesel fuel:
    If you’re hitting the road in a diesel vehicle, we’re happy to cater to your fuel needs as well! Two of our pumps are equipped to service diesel vehicles, allowing you to fill up your tank and get back on your way.

Convenience store services

convenice store items

  • Groceries:
    Need to pick up a few things on your way home? Decided to do a spur of the moment grocery shopping? We’ve got all of the necessary items you need to get your shopping done quickly and effortlessly. From a few simple items needed to make dinner, to a week’s worth of food to keep you full, let us fill your pantry.
  • Snacks:
    Sometimes all it takes is a simple snack to brighten the mood of a road trip—and if you’re looking for something to tide you over until the next stop, you’ll find it at Dee’s Super Service! We’ve got snacks galore for every taste and preference, so you can fuel your body and stay satisfied while you drive, even if you’re not quite to where you’re going yet.

It’s our mission to get you back on the road, confident in your vehicle and satisfied with your experience at Dee’s Super Service. For more information about the services we offer or to call us regarding automotive or towing services, please dial 435-946-3372.